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Concorde Worldwide Transportation - Receipts

  • What's Concorde's cancellation Policy?
    Billable Cancels are canceled trips after the pickup date and time threshold set-fourth for each vehicle type specified below unless otherwise noted by a staff member at the time of booking. Due to special circumstances, Concorde's cancellation policies can differ from those stated below: Sedans & Vans: NJ, NY & PA 2 Hours, other locations 2 hours unless otherwise specified Vans & Sprinters: 48 Hours Mini-Buses: 1 Week Motor Coaches & Weddings: Extended cancellation policies that will be discussed at the time of booking International (outside of US & Canada): 48 Hours
  • How does waiting time work?
    Concorde provides non-billable waiting time or "Grace Periods" that vary depending on the pickup locations. After the Grace period is exhausted, Concorde charges the vehicle hourly rate in 15 minute, rounded intervals. Concorde's Grace Periods can be defined below: Commercial Airport Pickups: 1 Hour Home, Office, Hotel, FBO Pickups: 15 Minutes
  • What's Concorde's policy on "No Shows?"
    No shows are considered when Concorde's chauffeur is unable to get in contact with the passenger. In events like these Concorde's accounting department charges the card on file in full plus any applicable waiting-time that occurs.
  • How do Hourly Services Work?
    Concorde provides hourly services globally whereas the chauffeur remains in service for the passenger at their discretion. Trips are sometimes converted to hourlies when the trip falls outside of the normal scope of business. Hourlies are also useful when the passenger has a dinner or meeting and are unsure of the approximate end time at the stop location. Some vehicles are restricted to hourly only with minimums such as Mini-Buses and Motor Coaches. Hourlies begin and end from "portal to portal", which means the client is billed en-route to the pickup and during his return to the local base.
  • How can I create a profile?
    You can create a profile online. But if you've used our services in the past, there's a likelihood that you already have a profile saved in Gem's database. Please try the "Forgot Password" function on the Login Page. If the email is not recognized, you can create a profile on this page.
  • Web Booking Portal - Connecting to Existing Profiles
    With every booking created, Concorde's system saves passenger info for future needs This means, you can use your email to login and view, manage & create reservations. The Concorde Web portal, without a custom configuration is meant to support a single passenger - however, if you support multiple travelers, contact - your portal can be configured as an Admin. over several profiles.
  • Why aren't my existing reservations showing in my portal?
    This could mean that the reservations were booked without a profile associated with them, or they are under a profile not associated with your login. If you received a confirmation, your trip is active. Please reach out to to address this issue promptly.
  • Why isn't there a rate online? Does this mean Concorde does not service this area?
    Concorde services every major city around the world. Due to the countless city-pair combinations, Concorde's system may not have a rate loaded. Please proceed with your booking and a reconfirmation will be sent with the actual price. From there, we load the rate to be available for future transport needs.
  • My employer has a corporate account but I am new to traveling with Concorde? How to link...
    If you company has an agreement with Concorde, your business email & domain name is loaded into Concorde's database. This will ensure when your profile is created it will automatically associate your new profile with the corporate account. If you have any questions please reach out to
  • I use Concorde's website portal, but can I also use the mobile app?
    Yes, you can use both Concorde's website portal and mobile application in conjunction with each other. If you already use the website for booking, simply download the Concorde Worldwide Mobile App and register as a "New User." You should see your active and historical bookings within once successful. If you have any issues, please reach out to
  • I use Concorde's Mobile App, can I also use the Website Portal?
    Yes, you can use the website and access your existing profile by simply selecting "Forgot Password" on the login page. If you are new to Concorde, create a profile here.
  • Why is the portal telling signaling me to call the office?
    Concorde may be experiencing some capacity issues at the approximate time and/ or location you specified on the reservation. This does not mean that Concorde can't accommodate, Concorde's office needs to assess the logistics prior to confirming the booking. Please either email: or call 732-577-0023 to confirm availability. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Why is it important to add flight information into the reservation?
    Concorde tracks incoming flight arrivals and auto-adjusts your reservation pickup time to the "true in-gate time." This allows Concorde's dispatch team to properly plan your scheduled pickup and minimizes the risk of being billed for waiting time.
  • Where do I find my stored addresses when entering a reservation online?
    In the settings portion of Concorde's web portal, you have the option to store multiple locations such as "Home", "Office", etc. When booking a trip, you can simply type "Home" for the address to populate. This is convenient when booking for multiple travelers with one set of login credentials. If you book for multiple people at once, and are not yet setup as a booking agent. Visit email and provide us your personal information along with those you book fore including name, email and cell numbers. From there we will clean up / create new profiles and associate them with your login.
  • Mobile App - Connecting to Existing Profiles
    After downloading the Concorde Worldwide mobile app. Proceed to register as a "New User" using the email address where you recieve confirmaitons and receipts. You should see any active or historical bookings once successfully connected. Be sure to add your cell number into the required field as this registration process will update your profile associated with your email. This will ensure you recieve our Text Alerts When your chauffeur is on location.
  • How do I open up a direct billing account?
    Please reach out our Client Relations representative: and someone knowledgable will walk you through the process and terms of direct billing to a corporation.
  • Who do I contact so setup a new Account?
    Please contact to discuss opening up a corporate account. Concorde is integrated with corporate booking tools such as but not limited to Concur, Groundspan, Deem, Sabre & Ground Exchange. We are very interested in streamlining your travel program through these tools that maximize travel volume efficiency.
  • Where will the passenger meet the chauffeur for airport arrivals?
    By default, Concorde chauffeurs meet our passengers in the baggage claim area unless otherwise specified. An alternative meeting point would be "curbside" at the arrival deck once exiting the baggage claim area. Concorde's chauffeurs are aware which terminal and approximate location to meet their passengers based on the flight information. Passengers will receive an "On Location" text and email alert that outlines their chauffeur's contact information including their cell phone number.
  • Are Concorde's Transportation Service's available globally
    Simply put, yes. A majority of Concorde's services are executed outside of our local area. Using a vetted, insured and integrated network of partners, Concorde has a reputation is cities all over the world for providing professional services for individual travelers and groups of all sizes.
  • Why do I have multiple charges on my credit-card for a single trip?
    Concorde Worldwide pre-authorizes payments 24 hours prior to the trip taking place. This pre-authorization temporary holds funds to cover the balance of the trip. Up to 24 hours after the trip takes place, the actual cost of service will be billed in full and the payee can expect the initial pre-authorization charge to drop off in the next few days. The Concorde team apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. For any additional information or billing related inquiries, Concorde's finance department can be reached directly at
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